Piel Frama iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus WalletMagnum Leather Case - Black Cowskin-Crocodile

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This lovely iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus case is highly innovative, practical and above all extremely functional model. It is handmade in Europe by our own leather craftmen in a very high quality cowhide/ostrich.
It has the ability to put the mobile device in and out of the case in an extremely easy and convenient way. The user can use both the agenda and the mobile device in a totally independent way as well as a whole.
Therefore we are facing a unique and exclusive product, in which they converge the highest quality craftsmanship and the latest innovation in mobile devices usage.
It is truly an ideal product for all types of users, for those who want to take everything organized in just one place and at the same time to have the possibility to take the device out when you need to.
These iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus cases have 4 credit card slots, 1 window for documents and 1 Money Pocket.

DIMENSIONS: 162 mm x 86 mm x 33 mm.