Piel Frama iPhone 6 Plus / 6S Plus / 7 Plus / 8 Plus UltraSliMagnum Leather Case - Yellow

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It is completely handmade with calfskin of the highest quality by our Artisans from Ubrique, which makes this an unique and exclusive product.

It's not only notable by its outer appearance due to its ultra slim design of only 160x80x12 mm. In it's interior, for its composition we have incorporated a wide variety of diferent materials and production techniques, for example we use an exclusive polypropylene material which grants the case great resistance and a perfect fit.

It's very important to note that its design let the user talk with the case closed. You only need to answer, close the case and talk as if the phone had no cover.

This case covers and protect from dust and other external factors. Taking pictures or videos will be easy and comfortable since the case offers a great grip for you to handle you phone which will be protected all the time.

It's exclusive system based in hidden magnets does not affect the operational capabilities of the device. This closing system makes the design of the case clean and uniform.

The interior of the case for your iPhone 7 Plus/ 8 Plus is made with soft calfskin leather with thin padding which enhances the protective capabilities of the case. It truly is the perfect protection for your device.

The touch of this case is really pleasant due to type of leather used (Sedalina) which bears this name due to its similarities with silk.