Piel Frama iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus iMagnumCards Leather Case - Yellow Cowskin-Crocodile

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This case has been handmade in extreme quality cowhide/crocodile for our experienced leather craftsmen in Spain (UE). All our cases have passed strict quality controls in all manufacturing processes.

This case being handcrafted, is a unique and exclusive product, not having two equal in the world. And not just for their physical appearance that draws our attention, inside, for its composition have been used many different materials and manufacturing techniques.

For example; its skeleton is formed by a unique polypropylene material, which once thermoforming and milling numerically it gives the case a high resistance and a perfect fit (All these processes thermoforming and milling are performed in our own facilities)

Very important to note that its design allows speak with the closed case. You just press the answer, close the lid and talk as if only the same phone is involved.

We must also highlight that incorporates a peculiarity which is certainly highly valued by our customers, cover and protect from dust and inclement the objective of the camera. Also resulting with this system be very comfortable performing the photos or videos with this case, providing a great grip when handling the device.

There is also another very functional property and practice, which is to be incorporated into the top lid, 3 departments for credit cards, notes, papers, etc.

It has the best closing and opening system that can exist today in the market, a unique system based on hidden magnets that does not affect the operation of the device. This opening and closing system makes the design is completely clean, ie without belts, wall or locks.

The inside of the cover where it will rest his iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus is made of very soft skin and minimally padded cattle, thus increasing their good protective property. Truly this is the ideal bed for your device :)