Piel Frama iPhone XR iMagnum Leather Case - Fuchsia Cowskin-Crocodile

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Case made by hand in high quality cowhide leather by our expert craftsmen in Ubrique, Spain.
Therefore we are facing a unique and exclusive product, not having in the world two exactly the same.

It stands out for its elegance, ultra-thin design and the quality of the materials that have been used for its manufacture, such as its interior, which has an exclusive polypropylene material that gives the case a great strength and a perfect fit.

Very important to note that its design allows to speak with the case closed. You just press answer, close the lid and speak as if it were just the same phone.

This case shelters and protects your device from falls, dust and daily inclemency. It will be very comfortable to use because it provides a great grip or grip when handling the device, which will always be protected.

It has a closure system based on hidden magnets that does not affect the operation of the device at all. This system makes the design of the cover totally clean and uniform.

The interior of the case for your iPhone XR is made of very soft leather and minimally padded, thus increasing the protective capacity. It truly is the perfect protection for your device.

The touch is very pleasant since the cowhide skin we have used is called "Sedalina", which as its name suggests, the touch is similar to silk.